A love spreading art project by Art by M. Fernandez


A Wish-Shirt is...

A Wish-Shirt is a t-shirt that gets forwarded through different carriers.

Each Wish-Shirt is exclusively hand painted by me and individually numbered.



What to do with a Wish-Shirt?:

  • You put it on (& take a selfie)
  • make a wish and if you can, make someone else's wish come true.
  • give the shirt to someone else
  • email your Picture, Location and Date to Wish@wish-shirts.com



What if it's dirty?:

You can wash the Wish-Shirt. The print is painted with textile-color.



What if I don't want to have my picture etc., on Wish-Shirts.com anymore?:

You can, whenever you wish, get your Wish-Shirt picture etc. taken down and off this website, just e-mail to let us know.



Make each other's wish come true

Art by M. Fernandez 2015